Spring Into Art – Opening Reception April 23rd, 2022

A new art show hosted by the Straube Foundation in Pennington NJ. On view through June 30th, 2021.

Join us for a public Opening Reception on April 23rd, from 6- 8 pm. in building 108, 2nd floor conference room.
Refreshments Complimentary.

On display are select artworks from my Beach Collection and Underwater Worlds series.
In my 2020- 2021 series, “Underwater Worlds”, developed mostly in isolation, during the Coronavirus pandemic, I seek energy, hope and renewal through observing extreme underwater environments, and what I perceive as complex and adaptive underwater creatures or phenomena, in a way that allows a shift in perspective: there is beauty, life and possibility to be found in adversity and we all have the power to harness our inner strengths, drive and creativity to bring about the needed change and create progress into our own world.

The Beach series was started in early 2019 and I often come back to it. The beach presents, for me, an antagonistic view of time. It is, at any given moment, timeless and grounding, through the knowledge of it having been there for millennia and remaining that way for many more after we’re gone, yet also fleeting, as I observe a single foamy wave splashing over the warm sands, never to return in the same way.

I am happy to share with you my own thoughts and feelings about my art and process, or to allow you to discover your own. There is a special level of excitement generated by conversations about what one might see or feel, the approach, techniques, or materials, likes or dislikes. Sharing the art in this way, to me, brings out its full value.